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Any celebration is about bringing people together and sharing in life’s milestones. Whether it be a wedding, a birthday, a corporate event, a fundraiser, a graduation, or the arrival of a new family member; Heart Strings Hire and Style based in Perth, Western Australia have a selection of pieces that can bring your vision into reality. Our unique, high-quality furniture and styling pieces are modern and bespoke, while keeping an air of timelessness and classic style; a range of styles that cover Hamptons to bohemian, Scandinavian minimalist to Australian naturalist.

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Your moment of timeless magic

At Heart Strings Hire and Style, we can certainly be described as romantics (how could we not in an industry like ours?) but we are ‘romantic realists’, because … well, planning a wedding is stressful and executing your vision is no easy task. During this planning phase, romance can sometimes take a backseat to budgets, schedules, and timelines. This is where we come in; offering a styling service to help pull it all together, craftsmen on-hand who can create custom pieces, and a diverse collection of furniture and styling pieces that are ever evolving.

We stand with you

Love is for everyone who falls in love and marriage is for everyone who wants to get married. We are advocates for marriage equality and look forward to our industry evolving as the doors to marriage ceremony open to everyone who wants to walk through them, together.

Walking beyond the aisle

You may be a couple looking to design an event that you are both proud to share with your loved ones, or perhaps you are organising a corporate fundraiser that needs to evoke an atmosphere of comfort and connection. Heart Strings Hire and Style crosses all event categories, ensuring that our pieces are made and chosen for the perfect aesthetic.

We can certainly assist in bringing your vision into reality. Click here to browse each collection or call us to request a walk through our display.

Katie Grant Photography (8 of 18)

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